Making mouse cursor/pointer of ArcMap HTML Popup tool larger?

Making mouse cursor/pointer of ArcMap HTML Popup tool larger?

Next week I'm giving a presentation, using the ArcMap application of ArcGIS 10.3.1 for Desktop , where to make things easier for the audience to see what I am doing, I would like to increase the mouse pointer size, in this case for the HTML Popup tool.

I have already gone to ArcMap'sCustomize | Customize Modeand itsOptionstab to make sure thatLarge Iconsis checked on, but this seems to only affect icon sizes on toolbars.

I've also gone to Windows 7'sControl PanelAll Control Panel ItemsEase of Access CenterMake the mouse easier to useto make sure that I am usingExtra Large Inverting.

Is there somewhere else that I can go to make the HTML Popup tool (or all tools) use a mouse pointer icon that is about twice as high and wide as it is now?

I doubt you'll be able to change the settings of the mouse pointer for just the HTML Popup tool. But you can certainly change the size and style of the mouse pointer in Windows Control Panel.

Go to the Mouse settings and select the Pointers Tab. There are several options there that might be suitable. I chose Windows Standard (extra large)(system scheme) which is the same as what you have already done.

However, there are several cursors which you can download which might be more suitable. A Google Search will yield a lot of results.

Alternatively, in the Pointer Options tab, you can improve visibility by turning on Display pointer trails and possibly even Show location of pointer when I press the Ctrl key. I find this last option is actually pretty effective, especially if you press it a couple times.