Join tables with duplicate values

Join tables with duplicate values

I have two sets of data:

  1. list of parcel numbers and locations which I am interested in
  2. Address database for the county (shapefile)

In dataset 2 there can be multiple instances of the same parcel number with different addresses.

However in dataset 1 there is only 1 unique instance of each parcel number.

I would like to use dataset 1 to extract ALL instances of the same APN in dataset 2.

I have tried a table join but this will not work since table join looks for one and only one corresponding value for parcel number.

I need all corresponding values.

If both are in the same geodatabase and you have ArcGIS version 10.1 or higher, you can Join 1 to 2 and export the features from the table of contents to get all of the parcels multiplied by the addresses joined to them. The 1-N relationship is converted to a 1-1 relationship where all addresses will be associated with the parcel shapes and fields. This only occurs with export/copy features etc for joined data in the same geodatabase. The address ObjectID may be preserved so you can join the result back to the address features/table, although a custom permanent ID field is better to ensure that relate/join is possible.

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